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Codex Diatron Capsule

Codex Diatron Capsule

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Uses: -

Blood Sugar Management by

  • Increases insulin secretion.
  • Improves insulin uptake.
  • Reduces absorption of sugar.
  • Increases glucose uptake.
  • Inhibit insulin (Thus increases insulin level).

Benefits: -

  • Diatron capsule contains important herbs which are used to treat/reverse Diabetes as mentioned in our old manuscripts since ancient times and supported by Modern Research. 
  • Diatron Capsule contains important herbs like, Gudmar, Shilajit, Neem, Jamun Seeds, Kalmegh, Kadu, Mamejava, Kali jeeri, Galo, Bili Patra, Vijay Sar, Amla, Haldi, Ashwagandha, Karela& Methi.
  • These all-time tested herbs work jointly to reduce absorption of sugar from intestine. Increases secretion of Insulin, Increases Glucose uptake & Glycogen deposition. Inhibit Insulinase, the enzyme responsible for destruction of Insulin & thus increases level of Insulin.
  • Thus, DIATRON CAPSULE is a combination of Natural herbs which collectively takes care of Glucose level in body.

For Maximum Benefits: -

(Must be followed with Diatron Capsule to get best results)

  • Avoid fat containing food, sugar, Milk & milk products and rice.
  • From morning to Lunch take seasonal fruits as breakfast and consume Smoothy approx. 1 litter.(Take Hara Dhania 5 sprigs, Kadhi patta 3 sprigs , Beetal leaf (nagar vel paan) 3 no. Palak paan, 10 no. Gourd small piece, Apple small piece, Drum stick leaves 2 sprigs, mix in a mixer add water to 1 liter { Quantity approx.}) Add cinnamon powder as per taste. Consume this smoothy in 4 hrs from breakfast to lunch.
  • With lunch consume at least one big bowl of Salad containing Lettuce, Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber, Sprouts (Moong, Gram, Fenugreek, etc) Radish, Carrot, Corn, Onion, Beans etc. Have at least one to two bowls of green/leafy vegetables in lunch & dinner. Avoid wheat, consume roti of millets.
  • Perform exercise daily for 45-60 minutes including brisk Walking/jogging. (For old age persons, If you feel pain while walking please use our C-JOINT Capusal for approx 1 month and feel the difference.
  • Initially you can take the dose of two capsules two times a day for 45-60 days & then it can be reduced to maintenance dose of 1 capsule two- three times a day.......And observe the transformation yourself.

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I am using Diatron Capsule since last 3 months and got very good results.
There is a significant improvement in my HbA1C, Fasting blood sugar and Post lunch blood sugar.
Very nice product.


nice product